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Powered rollers with accumulation facilities

lineshaft roller conveyors About lineshaft conveyors.

Lineshaft roller conveyors are powered via a shaft running longitudinally beneath the rollers. These conveyors are suitable for lighter applications up to 50kgs such as cardboard boxes and tote boxes.

The single shaft runs below the rollers running the length of the conveyor. On the shaft there are a series of plastic spools with one spool for each roller. A rubber o-ring runs from the spool on the powered shaft to each roller.

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When the shaft is powered the rubber o-ring acts as a connection between the spool and the roller making the roller rotate. The rotation of the rollers pushes the product along the conveyor. The shaft is driven typically by a 3ph electrical motor, which is often controlled by PLC. The PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) effectively controls how certain sections of the conveyor system interact with the products being conveyed. This way you can have a zoned conveyor system with more control over the product on these conveyors. The spools are not rigidly connected to the shafts and therefore can rotate on the shaft given a certain amount of resistance. This, as far as the user is concerned offers a degree of free running accumulation for the conveyor when products are queueing.lineshaft powered roller conveyors

The advantages of this kind of conveyor are that it is quiet in operation, as well as reliable, easy to install and low maintenance. They are mechanically simple and can be manufactured for many applications, at relatively low expense. There are lots of attachments to assist you to work with your products such as stoppers, turning devices, rotating devices and inverting attachments. Lineshaft roller conveyors can also be adapted to take bends and even merge lanes.

One disadvantage of the lineshaft roller conveyor is that it can only be used to convey certain products. Items conveyed have to be of adequate size and shape so that they cannot fall between the moving roller and should ideally be flat bottomed. Products that are wet or have grease or other lubricants on them are generally not suitable for lineshaft conveyors because the lubricant can penetrate the drive belts and lead to reduced traction.

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