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Lineshaft Roller Conveyor Features

Powered rollers with accumulation facilities

Lineshaft conveyors are commonly used in warehouse application to transport normally flat boxes. At automation supplies we lineshaft roller conveyoroffer lineshaft conveyors in steel, stainless steel and aluminium versions. Both the steel and aluminium versions are suitable for general box handling whereas the stainless steel lineshaft conveyors are sold mainly into the food manufacturing industry.

Roller diameters range from 35mm to 50mm in steel or stainless steel. Conveyorwidths range from around 300mm to just over a metre as standard

The nominal length for a standard lineshaft conveyor module is 3 metres. The modules are easily connected and the drive shaft is connected from one module to the next using a simple clutch.

Typical technical specifications;

Light duty lineshaft conveyor systemline shaft roller conveyor

  • 35mm Diameter rollers fitted on a 37.5mm pitch.
  • 4Kg capacity per roller.
  • Widths 300mm in 50mm increments to 750mm.
  • For low pressure accumulation.
  • Possible to power 36 metres from one 0.37Kw motor.
  • Supplied in 3 metre modules.
  • Suitable for small products down to 100mm in length.
  • Also available in stainless steel.

Medium duty lineshaft conveyor system

  • 50mm Diameter rollers.
  • 8Kg drive capacity per drive spool.
  • Straight track supplied in 3 metre lengths as standard.
  • Widths: 362mm to 1012mm.
  • Zinc plated rollers standard.
  • Stainless steel option available. lineshaft conveyors

Heavy duty lineshaft conveyor system

  • 50mm Diameter rollers.  
  • 12-20Kg capacity per drive spool.
  • Straight track supplied in 3 metre lengths as standard.
  • Standard widths from 362mm to 1012mm.
  • Zinc plated rollers.
  • Stainless steel option available.


Available optionsbox pusher for lineshaft conveyor

Box pusher

  • Pushes box across rollers onto another conveyor running at 90 degrees to the feed conveyor.
  • Pneumatic operation


Conveyor stopLineshaft conveyor stopperlineshaft conveyor stopper

  • Rises between rollers to stop a box in a predetermined position.
  • Pneumatic operation.
  • Conveyor remains running but rollers will allow accumulation.


Pack alignmentroller conveyor product positioning

  • Pushes box across rollers to a known position or datum for further processing.
  • Lineshaft conveyor rollers are slightly angled.



Box rotationbox turning device

  • Rotates the box gradually by "Nudging" it.
  • Depending on the product being conveyed, sometimes more than one orientation block is used.
  • Can be easily removed.


Box inverterbox inverter for conveyor

  • Stands a flat box on end.
  • Pneumatic operation




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