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Flexible Gravity Roller Conveyors

Gravity Flexible Roller Conveyor   

flexible gravity roller conveyorWith a robust construction, these expanding gravity flexible roller conveyors provide cost effective flexible conveying solutions.

They are very easy to flexible conveyor end stopquickly manoeuvre in or out of trucks for more efficient, safer, easier loading and unloading. Whether you need a flexible roller conveyor available every hour or just a few times a week, these units will help you to reduce vehicle turn around and thereby increase productivity. The boxes on the conveyor follow the line of the conveyor whatever that may be. So of you want to work around an awkward pillar in your workshop or warehouse, no problem. 

Key features of flexible roller conveyor systems 

  • Standard roller widths 600mm & 750mm (900mm optional ).
  • Steel adjustable conveyor support legs - 730mm to 1055mm.
  • 40mm diameter heavy duty steel zinc plated tube with semi precision bearings. These conveyors are also available with tough high impact plastic conveyor rollers for conveying of more fragile or sensitive loads.
  • Twin Roller Axle Support is jig welded and spans the conveyor width.
  • The one piece ‘Constantly Vertical’ all steel roller and axle support feature ensures maximum strength throughout these flexible roller conveyors.
  • These conveyors are fitted with heavy duty castors for maximum strength and robust mobility, including a foot brake for fixed positioning and safer conveyor handling. 
  • Flexible roller conveyors are self tracking. Boxes follow the twists and turns of the conveyor whatever way it’s orientated.
  • Package Stops prevent boxes and packages from falling off the end of the conveyor and can be lowered if required for storage when not in use, or when connecting to another flexible roller conveyor.
  • Standard fully extended conveyor roller centres are 125mm. Optional 75mm and 100mm roller centres are now available for handling smaller packages or irregular small cartons.
  • Please note that optional roller centres will have an effect the conveyors compact length and also the final cost of the conveyor. It’s always best to keep to the standard sizes.  


Typical Standard Length Compacted to Expanded.
1.3 M – 3.75 M
2.5 M – 7.50 M
3.8 M – 11.25 M
5.0 M – 15.00 M
5.8 M – 17.50 M

Flexible roller conveyors can also be manufactured in custom lengths to suit your individual conveying needs. 
 If your application requires a length that is not listed in the above chart, please call for assistance. We are here to help you get the best value for money.

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