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Gravity Roller Conveyor Bends

The Gravity Roller Conveyor Bend is ideal for applications that require an economical, non-powered means for conveying material around a corner.

Automation Supplies offer a broad range of light, medium and heavy duty roller conveyor bend models to accommodate any application.

gravity conveyor bendYou have access to a wide variety of conveyor roller diameters and rollers in materials such as steel, BZP steel, plastic and stainless.

A variety of frame and finish options are also available for your conveyor bend in steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

Stand systems are also available for all the roller conveyor bends and other modules offered by Automation Supplies.

The basic design of the gravity roller conveyor bend can be adjusted around your requirements, but it's always useful to try to stay within the standards of manufacture, in particular the roller diameters, radii of the bend, roller type and roller lengths (Or conveyor width, depending on how you look at it). Basically, there are standard parameters for the rollers and if you can live with them, then that's always going to be better than having rollers specially made for your application.gravity roller conveyor bend

At the same time, there are also standard roller lengths and roller designs. The length is a slightly less complicated issue to change, but if you can keep to the standards that's going to be best.

As with all gravity roller conveyor systems, the roller conveyor bends can be specified with high or low sides so that the sides can be used to guide the product. In addition you can specify high side rails as shown right.

Some roller conveyor bends will come with rollers that are parallel along the length. Others, depending on the function and the product being conveyed will have conical rollers. Conical rollers will assist the product to take the bend better, but are more expensive than parallel rollers. In the end it's down to the application. We can help you choose the right options for your roller conveyor bend.

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