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Expanding Roller Conveyor Systems

The expanding roller conveyors and expanding skatewheel conveyors are very flexible and can greatly help your temporary conveying needs.


expanding roller conveyor


If you need a conveyor from time to time but not permanently, this could be the flexible roller conveyorsolution. These flexible roller conveyors have attachments such as connector plates and end stops that can be removed orflexible roller conveyor repositioned if required. 

Automation Supplies only offer robust constructions for their mobile powered roller conveyors and mobile gravity expandable conveyors. There are low cost conveyors available, but our experience is that you really get what you pay for here, and there are many sagging examples of these conveyors out thereflexible roller conveyor connecting plates that show how quality is an inescapable essential with these conveyors. 

Flexible roller and skatewheel conveyors provide cost effective flexible conveying solutions for a variety of products and materials handling applications such as loose loading and unloading of delivery vehicles, warehouse and factory handling applications and linking between packaging and other factory machinery. 



  expanding gravity roller conveyors  expanding skatewheel conveyor  powered flexible roller conveyors


Above are 3 similar looking conveyors but they are different for different jobs. Gravity rollers can transport most objects easily and the adjustable stands and use of connecting plates and end stops make these conveyors very popular. The centre conveyor is a skatewheel version of the same dimensions. With a lower weight capacity these conveyors are preferred where the product might not have a totally flat bottom. The option on the right is motor powered and can be plugged in and ready to go in seconds. If you have a long run or a slight incline, this is the option for you. It might be more expensive true, but one operator can stand at the end of the line and load or unload without the need for other operators.  

The expanding roller and skatewheel conveyors are very flexible and easy to quickly manoeuvre in or out of trucks for faster, safer, easier loading and unloading.

Available in standard conveyor widths. 
Support legs are fully adjustable.
Max 250Kg load capacity per linear metre based on a level working height.
All support legs have welded braces for additional strength and rigidity.
Heavy duty castors – 125mm x 36mm swivel castors for maximum manoeuvrability. The castor wheel incorporates a foot operated brake.
Roller centres increase when the conveyor is fully extended. Call us and we can help you decide the best option for your application.

Typical examples of standard length compacted to expanded.
1.3 metre – 3.75 metre
2.5 metre – 7.50 metre
3.8 metre – 11.25 metre
5.0 metre – 15.00 metre
5.8 metre – 17.50 metre 

Other options available on request.  

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