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Roller conveyors with chain drives

chain driven roller conveyorChain driven live roller conveyors are the bedrock of unit load or pallet conveying systems. The conveyor is driven by separate loops of chain or a continuous chain that contacts all the roller sprockets, depending on the type and function of the conveyor that connect either double or single sprockets fitted to the conveyor rollers.

This simple, efficient, rugged, and reliable design is ideal for transporting pallets, containers, drums, and special fixtures. Our modular based designs offer easy segmentation of these chain driven roller conveyors into controllable drive zones for zero back pressure, accumulation zones, and simple insertion of transfers and other modular accessory devices. The modular versions also blend in well with other conveyor systems.

ApplicationChain drive roller conveyors

Operation: Primarily transportation, horizontal, two-way reversible direction of flow.

Accumulation: Capable of indexed accumulation or low pressure accumulation with plastic slip sleeves on the rollers.

Conveyable Products: Wood, plastic, metal, fibreboard or corrugated pallets, all types of drums, bundled material, containers, fixtures, bulky heavy unit loads.

Environment: Suitable for oily, dirty, harsh environments


chain driven roller conveyor Modular based construction integrates easily with other equipment including: Pallet Accumulators, Gravity Roller Conveyors, Chain Conveyors, and Turntables.

A wide range of standard widths (conveying surface), roller centres, and roller types are available.

A wide range of optional equipment and accessory items can bechain drive roller conveyor turntable added.

High load capacities are available and conveyors can be specifically built to achieve higher weight capacities.

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